Ship easier with SendPro® postage meter machines and software

Send letters, large envelopes, and packages directly from your office or mail center with your own postage meter machine. SendPro® postage machines and sending technology make it easy to process your mailing and shipping, all while getting automatic postage savings.

Take control of your mailing and shipping with metered mail

Metered mail is simply the most practical way for businesses of all sizes to skip the Post Office and easily buy and print USPS® postage. Whether you need to print First-Class® postage or stamps or Priority Mail® shipping labels, SendPro® has an easy-to-use postage meter designed to fit your specific needs and sending volumes.

SendPro® MailStation

Keep it simple with a compact and easy-to-use cloud-based postage meter.
The SendPro® Mailstation cloud-based postage meter has everything a small business needs to effortlessly process light volumes of mail.

Print USPS® postage for letters, flats and postcards, get automatic postage rate updates and accurately weigh large envelopes up to five pounds – all from the device’s easy-to-use full-color touchscreen display. Plus, you can print USPS shipping labels, track shipments, get cost accounting data and save even more with access to SendPro Online.

Skip those trips to the Post Office. Print postage from your home office or small business with the SendPro Mailstation.

SendPro® C-Series

The SendPro C-series is an unrivaled innovation in low-volume office mailing. Bundled with a free copy of the cloud-based SendPro Shipping Software, the C-Series offers not only the full functionality of a standard postage meter but also the ability to process packages and take advantage of all the Commercial-Base Pricing discounts offered by the USPS. And with the option to add on-board label printing, as well as the ability to process packages for UPS and Fed-Ex, it’s never been easier to make the C-Series your all-in-one shipping solution.

SendPro® C-Auto

Process batches of letters, postcards, and large envelopes quickly and easily with our auto-feeding sending solution. Reverse separation technology minimizes jamming and automatically feeds mail up to 120 letters per minute. Automatically save 4¢ on every First Class® letter* — plus get optional access to discounted presort rates. Print shipping labels directly from the device with an optional label printer and receive Priority Mail discounts.


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